The Consultant

Greg A. Shelley Ph.D. Greg A. Shelley Ph.D., is a Professor and performance consultant from Ithaca College, New York. He has conducted hundreds of regional, national, and international presentations and workshops for performers across all levels of sport. Greg has spent the last 22 years educating and training individuals and groups in the areas of leadership, motivation, group development, communication, stress management, conflict resolution, and peak performance. He has worked with youth, high school, collegiate, and professional level athletes and is currently the applied sport psychology consultant for several collegiate athletic departments and professional organizations. In addition, Greg is the author of the book Coach Up: 50 Rules for Building Committed, Confident, And Motivated Athletes And Teams, the co-author on a performance psychology book (Moving Toward Your Potential: The Athlete's Guide to Peak Performance) and has authored or co-authored several book chapters, articles, and educational brochures detailing numerous performance enhancement strategies for athletes, teams, and coaches. Greg is a current member of the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP).