The Consultant

The following interactive workshops are designed to involve coaches and athletes in developing a greater understanding of the various factors that influence peak performance. Each workshop is interactive and offers a wide variety of tips for building practical skills to enhance individual and team performances.

WORKSHOP #1: Moving Toward Your Potential: The Athlete's Guide to Developing Mental Toughness and Peak Performance
Based on Dr. Shelley's book entitled, Moving Toward Your Potential: The Athlete's Guide to Peak Performance
» Learn to control anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts
»  Develop visualization skills, focused attention, mental toughness, confidence, and positive performance routines

WORKSHOP #2: Developing Effective Coach Leadership While Building Productive and High Performing Teams
 Understand the stages of group development
» Develop situational leadership skills
» Build high performing teams

WORKSHOP #3: The Student-Athlete Challenge: How to Build and Enhance Team Leadership Skills
» Assess leadership, captainship, and the role of facilitating
» Learn proven student-athlete leadership skills
» Develop qualities for effective leadership

WORKSHOP #4: Building Championship Teams: 12 Strategies for Developing Cohesive Groups and Building Team Trust
 Learn effective team-building principles
» Examine 12 strategies for building championship teams
» Plan, create, and maintain a championship practice environment

WORKSHOP #5: Enhancing Personal Communication Skills: The Foundation of Performance Excellence
» Learn active listening, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and constructive criticism
» Overcome barriers to promote effective communication
» Develop effective coach-athlete and coach-coach communications

WORKSHOP #6: Motivation: Influencing Others to Achieve Excellence in Performance
» Learn to positively influence and motivate others
» Understand motivational principles and overcome motivational myths
» Clarify strategies to motivate and inspire greater effort, intensity, and goal attainment